Sunday, January 1, 2012

Be formless, and you will find yourself.

Today is the first day of the year of 2012. I was very blessed to receive this new year surrounded by soul family , a beautiful ceremony, and a fire under the sky that turned into a blanket of stars. The brightest stars that we had ever seen, It was as if they were sending us signals, saying , we are here! And we saw them, so bright so beautiful, the vibrations were stronger than ever. It is special to receive the energies of a new year by being aware of all the elements that are around us at all times. There is so much, and we are constantly being reminded by the messages that are given to us. Everything is alive, and it all carries energy and a vibration to us.  Today was a sunny but cool day at the ocean. listening to the waves of the great ocean, crash. It is such an ancient sound, that our ancestors have been hearing for a long time. Just be, and listen, and you will know.
Just in this first day of the year, I was reminded again to live for unconditional love, sharing and being of service to humanity. Don't be afraid of those who need help because you don't know what you can do for them, or because you are afraid they will hurt you. There is nothing to fear. 
I feel this will be the greatest change for this year. Be of service to humanity, by sharing and being compassionate. We are all a reflection of each other.
Tonight I saw myself in the eyes of a homeless woman who stumbled across our path while driving at night in a dark curvy road. Her breath smelled like alcohol and her words were incoherent and made very little sense. We told her we could take her to were she needed to go, so she got in our truck and we drove her to a grocery store to get her something to eat. Trying to figure out were we could take her, but physically she wasn't in her right senses.  I could see sadness in her eyes, and a woman who is full of life giving love, as a mother would be... She ended up telling us to drop her off in the park. So we did. She said thank you and her eyes changed, no longer lost, they were shining love, her eyes said it all. She was thankful that we had helped her, and even if we didn't help enough, we listened, and tried to understand. As we drove away she kept staring at our truck, she turned and walked into the darkness of the park. With this story the year begins. 
Mural in process, San Diego,CA

The world is in need of so much love, we need to strip away the layers of fear, and reach out to those who need love. it is by far the most powerful action that we as humans can do to create a change on the earth.  Being extraordinary, stepping away from the routine and the autopilot ways in which society makes us to be.  Remember that we are human, and we can transcend the physical, connecting with the spirit world in many ways.  Our physical bodies are made almost entirely of water, we are not meant to fit in a ready made container of one shape of another. Society will ask you, "would you like to be a square or a circle?" what if you are neither one? Be formless, and you will find yourself.

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