Friday, December 21, 2012

The Beginning of a New Age

Today I feel such a deep sense of gratitude towards all life, to all the beauty and abundance that the earth provides. Last night it was snowing and I observed the perfection of each snow flake. How can it all be so perfect and beautiful in its own way, Crystals of beauty falling from the sky, what is there to be afraid of? We choose what we want to focus our energy to, and right now there are many beautiful creations to be thankful for. Lets pay attention to the things that matter, to all that is real, pure and true. I saw the sunsetting behind the dessert stone creations in New Mexico and the power of that vision was the wisest message at the moment. Nature creates the most outstanding colors, the most vivid and most true to our eyes, its is a reminder that with each sun setting there is a sunrise to come, the darkest moment of the night is right before the sunrises once again, we must experience the darkness before we live in the light. We must not forget the great grandmother moon, shining its great luminous silver light upon us in the darkest of nights, she reminds us that even in the dark there is always light. There is ALWAYS light. We must learn to transform fear with our own truth, our own light and this light comes from within, from the heart, from the ancient wisdom of the soul. Nothing can hurt us, everything is transformed, the power of renewal is strong, and it is real and is happening now, it is a true gift, we are beings of constant transformation, change, and renewal. We must learn to trust our own hearts, and the infinite journey of the soul, the ancient journey of the spirit.   All my relations.

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