Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sirena del Aire respira...

Woke up to a beautiful, kind of cold day in the hills of Harmony Hill (the farm of Ellen Broslovsky). It is the most comforting and grounding reality of the moment. It has been an intense 3 months of traveling non stop through the west coast of north america. British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and California, were I find myself now. Life has provided us with so much abundance and blessings in the journey. Abundance of love, meeting all the right people at the right time, delicious abundant meals, made with love and passion, abundance of breathtaking beauty and abundance of self knowledge even in the times when there has been very little of everything. Even when what we think are curses, they are all blessings in disguise. Its pretty magical.  It has been almost one month since Bryce and I left the truck stored in Chico, and began to travel on "Anicca" which means impermanence, the law of nature that nothing is permanent, we are in constant change every second of our life. So Anicca is our motorcycle! which also resembles a wild horse.. we have traveled about 2000 miles in the past couple of weeks, its been such an amazing journey, leading us to meet all kinds of places and wonderful beings along the way.
So I finally got the time to begin this blog, which I could have started many weeks, months, and perhaps years ago, about all kinds of journey and adventures. My mom keeps telling me I should write a book about all my adventures along the way, so I will take her word on that and will begin to write. For my own record and for anyone else who may be curious to read a little bit. It's all good! I will begin to write today, Sunday, November, 6, 2011.
Anicca camping somewhere in Northern California..

Me and Bryce Somewhere on some beach...don't recall..

The truck, Camping off route 1 north of San Francisco.


Camping on san francisco public beach..oops..

Amazing, Yosemite.

Chandelier Tree


Sequoia Tree

Nelder Grove, Yosemite
Last monday, we rode Anicca from LA to Exeter, about 4 hours north to meet with Ellen and her husband Allen. Through WWOOF we found a beautiful farm were we have been sharing and learning all kinds of things. Ellen, a very inspiring woman, has been teaching us to milk her two goats, Harmony and Hillary. Its SO NICE to have fresh goat milk every morning with our oats. She also has about 20 of more chickens running around freely and happy through her farm. These are the happiest eggs I have ever had. We have also been learning to clean after and take care of her two horses.  We sleep in the barn, and get to live in a peaceful place. What else can I ask for? I feel that this is the way life should be! Being outside all day, communicating with the animals, looking up at the sky, feeling the warm sun, and the cool breeze. Viva la Vida!

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